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Green and Yellow (4'07"), Babe I Love You (4'03"), Cellar (1'39"), How Many Places (2'54"), Crack a Smile (2'59"), God Came Between Us (3'25"), I Love You Now It’s True (2'50"), The Electric End (19:18)
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Green and Yellow
It’s only that I forget how to look at things
In green and yellow of the world outside
The faces of the people in the shadows
It’s not only that I could not practice art
And you know a man without his work’s no good
I sail the seven seas to sing about it
This one’s dark and dangerous as you know
I sing about it as the ones before
But the next one oh my lover will be lonely
I’ll scream your name in a tunnel
In the alley
I’ll look for you each and every night
I’ll be a desperate man, what a man
Who longs to love and hold and yes provide for
And takes his lovely lady by the hand
And leads her home for a promised land
Who gets up in the morning mmmm
And goes to work

I ran around the corner, I stepped into a cellar
Now I’ve tears in my eyes, I’ve got the ale house blues
I’ve heard the jailhouse lose
Little Randy just died
Thought he’d be all right
But soon after that night
The paper doesn’t mind that little Randy died

God Came Between Us
God came between us
He brought a huge sun
He brought the black night
We know no other way
God came between us
The line made us all blind, made us blind
Who do you think that we could see
Earth Mars Venus or Mercury
God came between us, God came between us
And he lit our hearts on fire and put it out with oceans
Nobody’d ever see us, nobody’d ever know
But God came between us, God came between us

I Love You Now It’s True
You saw what happened at the Tower of Babel
They couldn’t even talk to each other
Shake my hand tightly
Hold me dear
I love you it’s true
Oh Jesus, this is your day
You come to us in every way
Jesus, in the morning, late at night
Smiling, oh, thank you lord
I love you it’s true


Babe I Love You
Babe I love you
Babe I love you
Sun is green
Moon is white
Baby I love you
Look outside
Baby I love you
’Cause I’m fast
Baby I love you
Christ is near if you fear
He knows you
Baby I love you
Time is right, dynamite
Baby I love you
Go to bed, shut my head
Baby I love you
Black is white
Moon is bright
Baby I love you
Feast my eyes
On paradise
Baby I love you

How Many Places
How many places have you called your home
How many faces look the same as your own
How did you do it when they stripped you of your pride
Would you say it’s time, oh won’t you say it’s time
You go write on the wall, I will not talk in class
50 times, go write on the wall
When they sent you back here
Did they make a mistake
Was it them that lost their reason
When you were begging for a friend

Crack a Smile
It’s all a game of Sunday porching
In your eye
Crack a smile
Fortune frowns on your bad heart
Can you bless them, will you, with a curse of a dot (?)
Crack a smile
Don’t let your fortune fail you
I can (can’t?) be your heart
To be the weight on a word from the report to your bone
Crack a face made of ice
Crack a black body (laugh, body?)
Don’t let your fortune fail you
Crack a smile