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Yellow Pages (6'57"), Angel (3'17"), Show the Man Your Picture (1'51"), Think About Your Lady (2'41"), Real Fine Movement (2'36"), Alehouse Blues (3'10"), Upon the Grandeur (8'27"), Phoenix (4'43"), Dreaming Man (3'33"), Breast in a Moonbeam (2'32"), Honey (1'20")
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Yellow Pages
You’ve got to help me dear
Because there’s no release
From this tangled beast
You got to be my guide
Ridin’ by my side
I got a sickness now
When I’m gone it seems
You got my very dreams
I took a chance now
Chance for romance now
Don’t let me leave
You’ve got to help me dear
Because there’s no release
From this tangled beast
He’s gotta (?) walking straight
Straight to the stockyard gate
I ain’t about to die
But you can have your way
Don’t ever go away
’Cause you know everything
Hangs from a golden chain
Around your white neck
I’m spendin’ time now
With the great ones
That hang from your ceiling
You’ve got to help me dear
Because there’s no release
From this tangled beast

With your reckless wisdom
And your arms baking
With your eyes brittle
And your heart of stone
Well I think I see a weasel
Come climbin’ off the floor
Since they say my baby left the door
With your key all broken
And your face a-flutter
With your spare ribs groaning
And you’re panic-stricken
What’s that you’re wearing?
I feel you in my soul
Since the day I turned around
Day I turned around [2x]
With your fingers missing
And your paper dreams

Show The Man Your Picture
You show the man your picture
And you walk on through the door
You click your car in the box
And then you empty your stride
Cause you know where you are
Dab in your orange oil (?)
And place them ’round your plate
It’s all clean and bell rings
And you can watch ’em comin’ down by
They’re comin’ down by
Pick them up and drop them in
Press two green buttons and watch
Spin (?) smooth (?)
Spinnin’ like a top

Think About Your Lady
Well, you can think about your lady
And you can think about your car
And never forget who you are
And then your thoughts, mister
They ain’t no company
And baby this evenin’ will be lovely
Smell the clean air
Oh honey, let’s make it nice
For I’m thinkin’ out
Oh when that day comes
Gonna set my alarm
I wanna bring it home to you
You’re mine tomorrow
You’re mine today
Drivin’ a car, it’s a Cadillac
And got some praise today
Oh down there you know you lied to me

Real Fine Movement
It’s a nice painting
When your ??? ???
We can watch (wash?) it
It’s a crazy melody
But you can sing it
There’s a nice Jamaican twist
To turn your arm
I went to get some gas
Around the corner
A pretty lady made me stop
To sing a song
For you [4x]

Breast in a Moonbeam
With your breast in a moonbeam
Foot on a stair
You weep on my shoulder
I feel full shackled
I think you’re lonely (?)
I been here cause I think there’s been a change
You’re not in my pocket
You’re not on the phone
With your ear to listen
And you’re not on the phone
I’m a liar (?)
But I could write you a letter, now
But I don’t know where I am
Never pure but I’m (show you?)
You’re lost in the jungles
With your prints on the fingers
And your painted footsteps
I give you my life


Alehouse Blues
I got the alehouse blues
I had the jailhouse blues
Little Randy just died
He was a redhead punk
Packed a lot of spunk
They say he never cried
He was pal of mine
Paid my hundred dollar fine
He got drunk all night
Somebody called me a liar
At the two-bit bar
It was Randy, won that fight
And the cops pulled round
He didn’t want to be found
He just said good bye

Upon the Grandeur
Well let’s burst upon the grandeur
Second to see the scene (?)
And when it’s time
To find a ???
Too close to ??? your picture
I’m down to
You deliver a place for me
I ??? upon a ??? of stone
You turn around to ???
You ??? run away
You smile ???
I pray to see the day
And if you go away
I will wait here and miss you
Oh join hands and lead the way
Reborn again today
I feel whimsical
That’s the whimsy
And there’s no question
Ask any man in the world
And when this time is over
There’ll be another one
To be ??? this (?)
And you’re moving on to the next one
??? lurks
It’s cold and your neck hurts
There ain’t a ??? here no more
A letter’s by the door (?)
I leave by dawn today
To find another way
’Til the day I see the light
That brings my fortune here tonight

Said goodbye, San Francisco
Got to go, Arizona
Said why’d you leave me, Denver
I don’t even have a chance
Guess Ohio’s got my number
Rhode Island’s got my name
Snap, the wood makes you dance
The music’s in its chamber
The door is locked and sealed
The weight is on your shoulders
The past is at your heel
Guess the plight is in your fancy
When you rip out though the door
The rest is how you feel
We’re not gonna take it out to the farm, lest you leave
The rest is how you make it
Gentle as the sun come up in the mornin’
As the moon goes out this evenin’
Open the shade
The night time’s gone away
You’ll have my love if you say
I dreamed a fellow took your arm
Led you to his ???
I woke up shattered in the night
Frozen feelings up on their way
A shaking hand in me today
I left the San Francisco Bay
I dreamed a dream that wasn’t right

Dreaming Man
And we’ll all wake up in the morning
Ink spots on your feet
You know you been walking down the pages
Of a mysterious dream
But though you did not understand
That this was a different land
And I was your dreaming man
See that rainbow you’re steppin’ on
Oh no it wasn’t there before
It’s from your eyes they must be open
Crying for a dream once more
Oh no you didn’t understand
That this was a different land
And I was your dreaming man
Yeah when you wake up in the morning
Shakin’ for a hand
You know you had a whole body
Lovin’ at your command
Oh when you see the sunrise of the day
You know it’s far away
Since the night you left your baby
Since the night you heard him say
You did not understand
That this was a different land
And I was your dreamin’ man
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Honey, I tried to be your friend
And now I wonder if I’ll see you again