Index discographique
Honey (3'13"), What Do You Want to Sing (2'11"), Jaws of Murmur (4'50"), Preacher (3'50"), Didn’t Ask Why (4'10"), Leave All You Have (3'48"), I Know You Well (3'13"), Dearly Need Some Words (4'16"), Straight Thirty Seconds (3'00"), Bring on Fatima (2'40"), For Today (3'49"), Collection (3'41"), We’re All Through (1'19")
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What Do You Want To Sing
[woman] What do you want to sing?
[Jandek] A song (?)

Didn’t Ask Why
You didn’t ask me why
You just watched me cry
Well, you were so sad
Oh, then you were so bad
Now back on the street
My own two feet
But you didn’t ask me why

I Know You Well
Can’t come around the way you do
Say that you’re somebody new
I knew you from before
That’s the way you are once more
Can’t come ’round here
Say you’re somebody new
’Cause I know you
I know you well
Well, well, well
I know you well
And it’s been tough
You’ve been around
I know you well
Time won’t tell
What you’ve been doing
Time won’t tell
I know you well
I know you well

Well this here’s the date and year
Again, it’s the date and year
And well, to understand
You’ll have to leave your new (?) man
On the day of the year
It’ll last a year
So drink your beer
It’s a collection of a year
Oh my, that’s dandy
Keep your eye on Uncle Randy
Oh Randolph, you broke your collarbone
Gee well, here’s one more time
Record a line
On the back page
Of the date and year


Are you goin’ down to the preacher?
Are you gonna think he’s your teacher?

Leave All You Have
At the edge of reality
You’ll find the bird who’ll sing to thee
Leave all you have
Leave all you have
At the edge of rodeo row (?)
A vulture waits for you to look back

Bring On Fatima
[the first line is missing on the CD reissue]
Caledonia, mahoganies, elbows
Bring on Fatima
How long does the rain fall?
How long?

For Today
For today I’ll smoke a cigar
For today I’ll play your guitar
For today I’ll be real nice
For today I’ll cut you thrice
For today I’ll cup your eyes
For today make no disguise
There’s a blanket for ya, doctor
There’s a full-fledged man of war
There’s an ink spot on your jersey
And scuff marks on your floor
For today you smoked a cigar
For today you felt real cool
For today you wore a blue shirt
For today you wore some old brown shoes

We’re All Through
All together now
One, two
All together now
One, two, we’re all through (repeat)