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Niagra Blues (3'41"), Janitor’s Dead (3'00"), Slinky Parade (4'31"), The Living End (2'17"), License to Kill (2'32"), Talk That Talk (6:25), Start the Band (1'32"), Girl From America (1'53"), Embrace the World Outside (2'03"), In a Hush (2'45"), Take Me Away With You (6'50), Crazy (4:16)
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Niagra Blues
Sometimes go to Niagra
Sometimes go to the grave
Crazy about your dream
Crazy about your dark night
You think you’re crippled too
Cripple me a cripple, oh
I think an old black one’s got you now
Think it’s out of sight
Guess a moving picture’s nice
Sitting here I saw it thrice
Ooh, all around you shaking night
You got me in a living fright
Oh, don’t wanna touch it just now
Don’t wanna talk a man now
Just give me a little place here
The night is coming now I fear
Come out in a minute then
Been saying that since don’t know when
I have you forever now

Janitor’s Dead
Think you want another punch
Think you want a bunch of grass
Do you like the early night
Or is that the sun I sight?
Is your female here tonight?
Has she gone to Lincoln Street?
She fell prey to me today
Stabbed a tumor in her heart
Been away the live long night
Ahh, gone and seen another fright
You keep the people on the stage
Eat a diamond in this age
Fascinate the next step
But — a but — a but do fine
Drink a drink a drink today
Radio, I heard it say
Can you-a see me?
Would you like a master key?
Window’s broken over head
They told me janitor’s dead

Slinky Parade
Jesus Christ, Randolph Scott
Bob Dylan and his mother, Dusty Springfield
Came on the road one day
Marched a slinky parade into my eye
Faster picture lit a match
You’re mine forever
Great a bird flew home today
You took him in your wings and said
Little fly on silver dollar
Silver hills and rocket ships
Clean I tied my shoes and ran
Into a forest silver span
A needle dropped in the hay
I pulled a fathom from the sea
Rolled away so fortune free
Punched a finger in the slot
Gimme mine, I’ll take it now
Free to be a Christian ram
Flee past the foggy sand
Oh, free to be a Christian ram
Fleeing past the foggy sand

The Living End
All right, bet you don’t know
What you been working for
Maybe I got a clue
I been working for you
You’ve got big blue eyes
And your face’s white
I kept you by my side
Baby, where’d you go
All right
Bet you don’t know
What you been working for

License to Kill
Who’s got a license to kill
Tell me who’s got a license to kill
Tell you, I got a license to kill
I got a license to kill myself
Wanna die, wanna die die die
Wanted, wanted someone there
Oh baby, you can’t make me live
Listen, you can’t make me die
I wanna live


Talk That Talk
When you talk that talk: ha!
When you say we’re through
I know all I gotta do
Is not listen to you
In another day
You’ll be loving my way
So when you talk that talk
I know all that I gotta do
Is not listen to you
And in another day
You’ll be loving my way
Bringing all that sweet love yeah
All that sweet love
Cause you’re my only lover
And I’m your only man.
Darling, I told you a hundred ????
I give you what you want
And knowing you
Who else is gonna get all that?
Surrender to other (?) thoughts
I know all I gotta do
Is not listen to you

Girl From America

Embrace the World Outside
Embrace the world outside
Go on and chase the fears you hide
A tree is not afraid
To see a ??? horizon
Once again, once again the light has come
The light has come
In a hush

Take Me Away With You
I’m breakin’ my life in two
I’m breakin’ my life for you
Dancin’ in circles I’m calling ??? through
Fly away, fly away
Take me, take me away with you
Fallin’ the clouds are misty blue
Come on downstairs I’m fallin’ nowhere
Please help me through
There are circles of mystery fallin’ all around me
Fallin’ all around me
I can feel them, I can touch them, I can see
I can see the mystery
And if you see me walkin’ down the street
Don’t sigh at me, don’t sigh, don’t sigh at me
Just let me be
Inside of you
Tired of playin all those dark games
Playin’, playin’, playin
Sayin’ what’s not meant to be for me
Flesh, flesh and bone
Oh the mystery

Give me just what you have
Give me just what you have to offer
I’m comin’ on through
I’m tasting the blue
I’m tasting the green
I’m tasting ???
Standing on the ???, standing on the ???
Talk to the person ???
You’re my, you’re my, you’re...