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Wrap It Up (3'04"), Bring It Back to Seventy-Five (2'29"), Message to the Clerk (6'46"), Give It the Name (5'33") Ambient Instrument (2'23'), Sadie (2'20"), I’ll Sit Alone and Think a Lot About You (8'50"), The Only Way You Can Go (5'28"), I’m Ready (5'45')
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Wrap It Up
Wrap it up
Take it to the doctor
Great man above the clouds
Wrap it up
Oh no, she’s come again
Take me to another friend
Make this the end of it
I just wanna die
Oh, I’m living again
Isn’t this the very end?
But I’m living again
Yes it’s the very end
It comes every century
Wrap it up

Give It the Name
Well my hands are tired,
Oh my hands are tired
And I, as I need to see, I can’t find
You want something, dear, I can’t provide
Find me on the corner, ????
So come on down
I’m bein’ pushed along wherever I go
Don’t you know I wanted to
I can’t stand to be pushin’ on
Can’t you hear my call
Can’t you hear it
Can you hear my, can you hear my call

You ought’ve seen Sadie
She was my special gal
Yeah we were pals one night ago
We had a spat
And you should’ve seen us, we was
Fighting like alley cats
Oh me and Sadie, we was not hearin’ no ???
Oh and now me and Sadie are alone, nowhere to go
I’m gonna tell you ’bout the way she ???
And it’s nowhere to go, really
So me and Sadie
Lady I know, we got hold of her and ??? dough
And we spent it all on
Spent it all on booze
Yeah we got ??? up every night
And we ran out, we had a terrible fight
Sadie, wearing a feather boa
Kimonos and Sears rubies
Why did she go into (?) me, oh Sadie
Sweet gal, why did we fought (?)
???, I wanna know
Oh Sadie, my gal

The Only Way You Can Go
??? you the best
Somebody stood (?) me a gold purse
The lectures are next Friday
Meet you there with a ???
Fortunately you don’t have to inform nobody
We don’t need any audience
You seen me now
At least 15 times as I can count em
Don’t you think that’s some kind of seniority
Now ain’t you got a ???
Yeah, oh
It’s the only way you can go

Bring It Back To Seventy-Five
Well it doesn’t matter ’cause
This is going all the way out
If you think there’s a future anywhere
All the way out
Whoops, I spilled the beans
All the way out
Listen bub, it’s on the wall
Oh don’t you fall
All the way out
Just keep looking
Just follow with your hands and eyes
All the way out

Message to the Clerk
First I came to the doctor, told him I was unemployed
Asked me what I did for money, told him I was overjoyed
To reach into the basket, take a bunch of dimes
Drop them near the paper riddled with my rhymes
Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work
Then I came to the priest, said I knew God was alive
He looked at me quite solemn, said “Son don’t give me that jive”
I reached into my pocket, pulled out .45
Said “Priest I got your number, and this here ain’t no jive”
Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work
Then I came to see the man at the center of the town
Said “Hey there Mister Leader, you’re looking at a clown
I don’t engage in nothing except hangin’ around
I’m living high, I’m living low, I’m just screaming the sound”
Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work
Then I came to see myself, I got a nervous quirk
Behind a gun I lurk, he looks to me berserk
He pushes (?) at his time, he’s running down a line
Face all dripping down, carrying a sign
Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work
And now you’re independent, brush your teeth three times a day
Remember how I told you, remember how I say
That you’ve seen a hundred persons, and you’ve called me down today
Just to hear how lovely it sounds to hear me say
Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work

I’ll Sit Alone and Think a Lot About You
Sometimes I sit and think of you
Wonder if goodbye worth it
I sit alone, and all I do is think of you, you
Sometimes it get’s so very boring without you
I like to think of all our memories
Half the time I sit alone, and all I think of is you
I sit alone, and I think about you
Sometimes we laugh, leaning out my front window
I see the people there, they all breath the air, the same as you and I
But yet when I have said goodbyes, only one thing I can do is think of you
Sometimes I sit and think of you
I have daydreams and memories about you
I sit alone, and I think about you, you
Long nights last winter you kept me company
I’ll sit alone
I’ll sit alone, and think about you
I think I’ll go down to the ocean
I’ll sit alone and ???
Just what I might do to find you

I’m Ready
If you want to know why you’re the woman
It’s ’cause you don’t want to be a man
Yeah I just wanna have one
You know I have fantasies about you
Laying down ???
Just come on
You can’t be there ???
I bled ’cause I’m running ???
I just steal away
Oh, bring my ???
Watch the door slam on me
Think of ???
I see your face in every feature (picture?)
Your hand in every glove
Girls (?) don’t wanna be a man, just want to have one
You know I’m captured in your theater (?)
And still (?) the moon, what goes on below
I might’ve, you’ve got to be worthy
Oh, say goodbye
You wonder why I’m a man
Oh, ’cause I don’t want to be a woman
I just wanna have one