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One of Those Moments (20'15"), I Hadn’t Been There Before (5'49"), They Don’t Matter At All (5'36"), I Met You (8'12")
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One of Those Moments
You took me by the hand
You led me to a private place
I didn’t know what time it was I came into
I didn’t have to start
It just happened to be one step I took
It was one step I took,
The only one step I took
One step I took
I didn’t know what I did
It was, oh, something for me
I couldn’t tell the other part
Maybe I’ll find out later
I do believe I will [4x]
Because who wants to stop
Not me
I expect I’ll see you again
Anyway I’ll never forget the time that you were there
You added a new dimension
Like I said, I didn’t expect that thing to happen
When I said that, you knew it happened
The best part is, I don’t need any special thing
But if you’re there, you’ll find about it
I suppose I’m talking to the right person
I know everybody comes and goes
Does it have to be that way
Let’s take a look at it
I’d like to be in your presence
Can I see you
Let’s set aside the time
I’ll fall into another one of those moments
Will you, will you fall into that same moment
I’m ready for all the different outcomes
At least I hope I’m ready
But you didn’t make me nervous before
You told everybody you liked me
You made me say I liked you
All right so you had to pull me out of me
I was so deeply buried
I needed your air
And now I feel so alive
I don’t see anything different
It must be you, I accept that
We’ll see where it leads to
If you want to touch me I wouldn’t mind
It doesn’t happen too often, this kind of thing

I Hadn’t Been There Before
I hardly saw you right away
But I heard about you, all good things
It’s important we go in the right direction
And I took all those soft words
Changed all the direction of things
I said that I liked you, and that was the end of it all
And the beginning of everything else
I hadn’t been there before, no no no no no no no no no I
Hadn’t been there before, no no no no no no no no no I
Hadn’t been there before
I lost my rational brain
I just thought everything was all right
I dropped all my guard
I was so happy, I still am
Whatever it is that you are
If what she said was right, that’s a good place to start


They Don’t Matter at All
I still don’t know exactly what it was you thought
I don’t know exactly where it was you thought
That’s a good place to be for me
Where you are, you’re gonna’ have to tell me more about it
You’re gonna’ have to tell me more about it
You will have to tell me more about it [2x]
More about it, more about it, about it, it
I expect that you will
We’ll just have to see, won’t we
Of course I’ve spoken for the both of us
I know you see things a different way than I do
There are a lot of levels
But I’m trying to get to the real core of things
See if that soul you got wants to be with mine
Then all the other differences don’t matter at all
They just don’t matter at all
They don’t, they don’t, they don’t matter at all

I Met You
I got at least one more thing to say
I’ll make you the first choice
And then we’ll see what happens
I’m gonna give it all that it needs [3x]
It doesn’t need water
It doesn’t need any excess
I don’t know if there’s just the right amount
But I hope I can figure it out
And give you just the right amount so that you lose yourself
And become a part of my reality
I got a world, I found you on the periphery
Somehow I pulled you in
Now that you’re here, tell me
Is it the best place you ever know
Because I’m at the best place I ever knew
And it’s just after I met you