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One Last Chance (29'21"), Killer Cats in the Caribbean (3'05"), Yes You Are (2'44"), The Name I Had (3'30"), I Need To Be (2'03"), Pieces of Place (3'29"), Never Never Never (1'05"), Just Like the Floor (2'20"), Ten O’Clock Shadows (2'48"), Come Over Here (1'06"), Frosted Field (1'02"), I Knew About Them (3'34")
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One Last Chance
I need another chance
I need one last chance
I’ve looked at myself
I don’t like what I see
I need another chance
To try to do it right
I can do it right
If I have the strength
If I keep my will
If I direct my body
I can do it right
I need another chance
Because I looked at myself
And I’m goin wrong
But I can do it right
You can show me how
Like you did before
When I really needed to do it right
I was in a fix before
I was really in trouble
It was sharp and quick
It took me by surprise
And you helped me then
It was a matter of time
But this time it’s different
It’s been a growing thing
It wasn’t sharp and quick
No no no no
It didn’t take me by surprise
It came along slow and soft
It crept and I saw it all along the way
It came on bit by bit
And I knew it all along
The only difference is now
It’s gone too far
It’s gone too far
It almost seems irreversible
I need another chance
I wanna do it right
Cause when I looked at myself
It was going all wrong
I’ve got to change my style
I’ve got to do something different
I’ve got to be in my world
I’ve got to see what I see
I’ve got to hear what I hear
I’ve got to move through time
With me on my mind
You can forget the rest
Because if I think about it I’m gonna lose myself
And it’ll be too late
Don’t let it be too late now
Don’t let it be too late now
I need another chance
Cause it’s gone too far
I hope it’s not irreversible
Let me stem the tide
Let me reverse this thing
Let me put my hand up and say “Stop”
Even “Turn around, go back where you came”
Give me another chance
Because I can do it right
I can do it right
I’ve got to do it right
Because if I don’t I’m gone
I’m real gone
And I don’t want to lose
All of my control
I wanna be the driver
The one ridin’ in the trunk
With the rope around my feet and my hand
And a gag in my mouth
Don’t wanna be kidnapped by
What? Who? Where?
I wanna move through time
With me on my mind
I wanna be the driver
I wanna say to my selves,
“Move like you should, assemble yourselves
and do right for this body, this mind,
this soul, this spirit, this being”
I wanna live right
I wanna live so right
I don’t wanna go wrong
And I see myself goin wrong
So I’ve got to stop
I’ve got to summon my powers
I’ve got to drop off all the dead and dying
I got to cauterize my wounds
I got to stem the tide of the bad
I got to say
“Stop, turn around
Go back to from where you came”
I wanna be right, you bad go back
Go back to from where you came
Bad bad, go back, bad bad, go back
I wanna be right
I wanna be right
I wanna control my body my soul my mind my spirit
I wanna be in charge
I wanna say it’s like this
I wanna say it’s like that
I don’t wanna be told
Don’t wanna be told
“You gotta be like that
You gotta be like this”
Cause it don’t help none
I know why I know where I know how
I know when I wanna be
I know what I wanna be
I know how I wanna be
I know when I wanna be
I know where I wanna be
I wanna be right in my own mind
If I can’t be right
I’m gonna be gone
I don’t wanna be gone
I just wanna be, me, here, now
Give me another chance
Give one more chance
And let me do right
Once and for all
All time eternally
I wanna be right eternally
I don’t have to be alone
I can be alone
I don’t have to be alone
But I can be alone
But I don’t have to be alone
It doesn’t matter
Right is right
It comes from outside, not from the outside
I wanna be right from the inside out
I want you to see
I want them to see
I want to be right for everyone to see
I wanna be right
For me, for you, for them, for the elements
For space, for time
Please give me another chance
Don’t let it be gone
Don’t it be the end of being right
I saw myself right
I let it go, give it back
Give me another chance, give it back
I let it go, give it back
Give me another chance
I wanna live right
I wanna live right
I wanna be in charge of my life
My death, my eternity
I wanna be right
And I’ll do anything
I gotta summon my powers
I gotta be myself
I gotta have my will
I gotta be myself
I gotta get my strength
I gotta conquer these foes
I gotta beat up on bad
I gotta elevate the good
It’s so easy to see
Bad and good, I can see
I can see what’s bad and good
I can look I can tell I can judge
I can point my finger
And say “That’s bad, that’s good”
And deep inside I know
I can’t be wrong
If I’m right, give me another chance
I wanna be right
I wanna be right
I wanna be right
Give me another chance
Give me another chance
Give me another chance
Cause I looked at myself
And I saw bad
I looked at myself and I said
“Oh, is it too late?”
Is it too late?
Oh, please don’t let it be too late
Don’t let it be too late
Help me reverse this trend
Help me stem this tide
Help me put my hand down and say
“Stop, turn around,
Go back to from where you came”
Let me take the good
Let me put it in myself
Let me digest the good
Let me emanate the good
Let me be in control
Don’t let this sickness take me over
Don’t let these things get me down
Don’t let these things take effect
Don’t let em change me
And I don’t mind if I change
But let it be good
Let me change to the good
Every time I change
Every second I move
Every time
I turn around
Kill the bad, kill em
Kill the bad
Kill the bad
Generate the good in me
Kill the bad things I got inside me
Let them die
They don’t deserve, let em die
Just kill em
It ain’t like killin’ no
It’s annihilation, extermination,
Elimination elimination
Eliminate the bad
Cast the bad
Eliminate the bad
I want to be good
I wanna be right
There’s only one judge of that
I know I wanna be right
I gotta see myself right
I got to see myself
If I’m not right, why not?
Cause I did bad
Yeah, I did bad
And I’ll tell you this
Bad is different for everyone that is different
And that’s everyone and everything
So your bad’s not my bad
But I got bad and you bad
Unless I don’t know you like I know me
But I know me, and I got bad, and I got wrong
And I don’t like it
And I want to eliminate it
I want it gone before I’m gone
I want bad to be gone before I’m gone
I don’t want to be gone
I want bad to be gone so I can be
I don’t be right
I wanna be right
Give me another chance
Give me another chance
I won’t let you down, not this time
Three strikes and you’re out
And I had one
And I hit a home run
But I stopped after first base
And hey, they,
They pushed me, they
They pushed and pulled
But they couldn’t pull me any farther than that
Must of been fear
I think it was fear
Cause I had it made
I had the whole home run
But I missed it
Second time up
I hardly even swung
I didn’t even try
I quit trying
I knew what I should be doin
Every once in a while
I’d touch my little toe in the water
But I never did jump in
I never did dive in to that water
And that’s what I know I gotta do now
Cause if I don’t do it now I’m gone
Because wrong is at the point
It’s at the point of smothering me
Smoldering me, drowning me,
Putting me out
And I need to burn my flame
I need to ignite
I need to spark
I need to beam
I need to shine my light
Give me another chance to shine my light
I don’t want to go down
I don’t have to go down
Not if I got some will
And I got some power
And I got some strength
And I got some control
And I’m the driver
And I’m in charge
I can do it
I can do it
Hey, I got to do it
If I don’t do it, I’m done
It’s either do or be done
I’m not over yet
I’m not over
I’m never gonna be over
I’m never gonna end
I shall not end
I’m not gonna be gone
I’m gonna be forever
Eternally I shall be
And I’m not saying
That I always was
I’m saying I shall always be
And I make this decision now
I shall be
I want to do right
And there is no eye in this universe
That can tell me
What right is, because I know what right is
And I know what wrong is
By this time I know
Give me another chance
Give me another chance
I surely need your help
I surely need your help
To conquer death
To conquer evil
To conquer bad
I wanna be in charge
I wanna control my destiny
I wanna live up to my standards
I know it can be done
It came sharp and quick
And you helped me
And I conquered all
Now it’s come slow and soft
And I need your help
For the last time
Cause if it’s not this time
I believe it’s never
And I can’t face that
I don’t have to face that
I demand your assistance
It only takes one word
And that word is yes
Give me your yes
And I’ll give you mine
I gave you mine
I forgot it, and I’m sorry
But you hit me hard

Killer Cats in The Caribbean
Killer cats in the Caribbean
Careless cod slithering in the nets
Green blue yellow red
And the rain and the oil slicks
In the watery parts of the street
And the ice breaking as I walk
Really just testing the strength
Of an ice cold frosty morning
Just goin on a long walk
Nothing new
And the crusty cars need shoveling out
Oh mosquitoes on the big leaves
Waiting for you arm to appear
Hungry for your blood
Walking up the mountain in a swarm
I’ve got to be doing something wrong
But where do I turn to be right?
It doesn’t seem anywhere is right for very long
Am I right? Or am I missing something?
Tell me all you got
I still don’t think it could be enough
I’m not asking for anything special
I was on my knees screaming
Where could I go from there?
It’s only what you do, that’s all
Take the pain and the joy
Eat it up for breakfast
It’s all there is my friend
If you got a pocket full of something special
It’s nothing new to me

Yes You Are
Go ahead and take it on down
It’s only up you know
Go ahead take it off, all your clothes
Stand in front of me and show me
What you are
Oh I’m not that really but
Yes you are
Don’t kid yourself
You made it good
You made it bad
And all the time you knew
Just what you were doing
And why
I don’t have to show you where
The worst and the best choices were made
But oh before you go and make any mistakes
Let me give you my only heart
In a manner of speaking
I think you’re really something
I’ve got no time to spend
Talking all around the subject
But let my body tell you
Just what I think about you
What else do I have?
Not much
I made it grow and helped it along
And helped take it down some too
I’d love to lift you up
Show the world to see
Before anything gets hold of you
Ripping and tearing
You really did need that
But if you do I know how it done

The Name I Had
Countless days in times of woe
Heady haze and bits of splendor
Conscious maybe yet half asleep
Wondering when the nice times leave
They were always at my side
Bearing time and place as well
And inability like a plague
Covers my constant grave
Useless is the name I had
How do I write that epitaph?
Standing over granite stones
Laid in a row in the grass near the pond
Flowers floating in the breeze
You told me “Hey come along now”
But I was a boy yet hardly growing
So times have changed and so have I
I’m all of him and plenty more
I could tell you where your lips should be
And when your fingertips lightly on me
And would I know on a purple rug
Such dreams of moving you away
And your happiness and you were content
But this money tree
Needs to roots to hoe
And I’ve got so many baskets to make
And so much metal to fore
And these decisions to snatch and throw
Can I snare you along the way?
Can we ride in the black car
To the granite house with an iron fence

I Need To Be
Oh she looks so good
I’ve got her real good in my mind
I’ve told her a thousand times
God knows she understands
Every day she marches into my eyes
Roam around my brain
I’ve got his journey I’m thinking of
Where she’ll help me all the way
I need to walk this narrow road
The time is almost overdue
One last stab at inspiration
While one last thread holds the bridge
Another fair and I’m really for the woods
Do I have a house to live in?
Am I to be a people’s person?
Do I walk away with an aimless shrug
Eyes always looking over the next meadow?
Or do I win your heart?
Make you see me as a real friend
Where’s the place I need to be?
What’s that power I know I got?
Lord God I’m looking for it


Pieces of Place
What is this battle I must fight every night?
What is this force eating up the air?
While the day takes me and whirls me about
Carries me on its shoulders
And drags me on the ground
Where’s the ethereal enigma?
Bliss and starry night
Looking at me I only see
The ceiling floor walls and the drive
That keeps on through the doors and windows
How can we leave this place and still live on?
Come away, go hither
See the molecules
And the great big air all around
Step in the water and your foot goes through
Pick it up, and throw it around
Might as well, it’s got you surrounded
I just keep walking through time
One foot after the other
Stepping on space
One thought after another
Made up of new things
And things I knew before
Or combinations of these
And I know the ages
Break a different shell
And the new comes forth from the old
And vice versa
And I love and I live
And I take and I give
But mainly
I just keep walking through time
Stepping on pieces of place
With my body and my mind
Oh God they say they know where they’re going
I’m trying to be honest
And I know it all leads to attempted perfection
Am I falling short and knowing it?
Or on the only track and going long?
I wish I could say that I know more than I do

Never Never Never
Kill all that kind
Kiss the bad disease
Smother in the sulfur heat
Freeze it, kill the pain
Breed in sin eat you out
Festering sores of crime
You took several times
What you gave I couldn’t use
Except in this lonesome way
Which has to suit me now
Listen never never never never
And why I don’t know
But great yeah, really great

Just Like The Floor
Snowing Russian obelisks
Horses wild in the meadows
Just try and tame the wolves and bears
Walk alone, you fickle fool
It thought you loved me
Only goes to show
Weakness makes me sick
But I love it
Regal rooms in the creamy plat
Crusty, busting holes agape
Animals, yeah
Sense some teeth
Walking to touch you skin
With the love of necessary death
Thankful for your soul
Seething and fog like
Like in the dust
Loud music and the black night
Stars in the frozen hanging wall
Just like the floor, only harder to feel
But now, in the ghostly marble
Flecked in color streams
Grand in the scale untold
Where? Why? Who? When?
Call and the shadows sway
Beckon you to the times
But going in the wistful move
In plaintive wiry steps
Back and forth so sly
Sleuth on tricks
For the tormented toys

Ten O’clock Shadows
Last page for the voice
I request, in the half light
Even now the ten o’clock shadows
Lead you to the country side
And the big rocks, and the pasture
With the stars winking a smile
Love in the clear wafting cool
With your jacket flapping in the breeze
And the evening is a good place to lie down
And let the music play
Again roaming through the hills
In the market place, some where behind
And the tools, all on the shelf
And the wheels turning some other time
While your only thrill is the night
Stars winking hello
I know you and you’re welcome to my realm
Granite rocks and green tufts of pasture land
Rolling hills hide the day
In their night time splendor
And went, in article of faith and time
And place
One after the other
Go to the granite halls
And the iron spikes
Crying “Who dares keep my steps here or there?”
I’ve gone through the ages, spent
And recommend in the almighty name
And rolling in the starry night
In the green blades and black speckles

Come Over Here
Take off all your leather and steel
Come over here and let me feel
All the good things you do for me
I’m lost without you
I’m so lost without you
I come upon you day after day
I expect that you’ll lead the way
I’m already surrounded
But given up all my time
I didn’t have to tell anybody
You knew that all along
And I’m thanking you for bringing me home
You knew I didn’t really know the way

Frosted Field
The days were all the same, whirling
The nights were off shades
Standing picturesque
She stood and sat, moving her body
Clothed, dangling
It was all there was
And it lasted through time
Like a frosted field
As gray surrounds you in a mist
He walked among the granite rocks
And the lusty, velvet pasture
All my life I have dreamed of these steps
As he thought he could
Push rocks together all around for shelter
But he laid down when the sun was far away
And stared at the stars
In the frozen night

I Knew About Them
I decided to live for man instead of God
I don’t know how it happened
I learned when you live for man, you die for man
I didn’t have to die
It takes a lot longer to die than to live
I was wondering if you wear out
Many clothes these days
If you lose, or need to change, or outgrow
And is it easy to let your old clothes go
And bring them
To the place for the other unknown segment
Who somehow wants them
I decide this way is the best
But the time is so hard to corral
And pull out little intrigants (?)
Which I can’t read no more
I surely can’t keep the light on
It’s too dark to see
Let me tell you somethin’
I sure can hear
I sure can hear
They didn’t know that
They knew I couldn’t see
But they forgot
That I could still hear
And hearing is knowing
I knew all about ’em, yes
I don’t know how they even got so close
For me to even hear them
But they know that I’m listening now
And I’ve got some plans
To stop anything negative dead in its tracks
Go away now
You’re too heavy on my mind
I need to lay back
Close my eyes
So go away now
Before you’re gone