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It’s February (2'04"), You Standing There (3'05"), I Never Left You Anyway (4'00"), Moving Slow (3'58"), Falling Down Deep (4'32"), Lonesome Bridge (4'00"), A Dozen Drops (6'17"), The Beginning (15'29")
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It’s February
It’s February
I hope the lord is with me today
Its February

You Standing There
I went nuts anyway
The priests are pining in the hay
Your little song is sung away
Guess who’s been after you.
Guess who’s before you
Seasons turning, looks like wind
Will be coming back again [2x]
Light has come, remembering
You standing there in that thing
Busted out again until the dawn
Comes creeping across the meadow lawn
And time and space around you gone
You’re looking into blackest night
Your fortune love has gone away
It’s here to stay

I Never Left You Anyway
Come back to me babe
I never left you anyway
You had your way
Now I say
Come back to me babe [3x]
Never be so silly you
Want me to take hold of you
Tell you of your mysteries
At your leisure if you please
Come back to me babe [3x]
Now that you are here I see
That you’ve been coming back to me
Just like a living, dying tree
I’ll drink a cup of love tea

Moving Slow
You say that your turkey is rising in your blood now
Take a load of juicy juice
Just turn your self loose
Button up your directions
Let loose as a goose.
Turn around to the other set now
Take it home in a Corvette now
Oh won’t you be a melody maker
Pushing tape and bending fingers
Somebody turned a juror loose
Oh loose mother, its a loose goose
Running up the track now
Fast oh how it’s smooth and slow
Seems like it’s the end, yes
Play it over again, you’re a melody maker


Falling Down Deep
This is the time
When I can’t drink it right
This is the time
When I’m not feeling fine
The journey is over, I’m falling down deep
I have no more promises to keep
This the feeling that won’t go away
This is the last time of the day
Excitement is canceled
Passion is far from here
And nothing is written in beer
My very last chance is... gone today
And flutters and bobs like a bird shot... dead
It’s remarkable and yet I
Still place it all on that last bit

Lonesome Bridge
I heard this from the management
Don’t think twice just pay the rent
There’s a lot of days that you’ve just spent
Living in a long gone wilderness tent
Wilderness tent
Just about a mile over the ridge
You’ll have to cross a lonesome bridge
Looking out yonder over the trees
Sun comes shining ever you please
Blow me [2x]
Mister soft breeze
Before this apt gives me the freeze
Gives me the freeze
Waiting for March to come along
Carrying good luck for this song
Its a lucky charm and means no harm
Oh good gracious its a false alarm
It’s a false alarm)

A Dozen Drops
A dozen drops fall from your face
She came in rain and my fireplace
I tried to reach you
But ??? an elm tree
God came between us
And he lit our hearts on fire