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The Glade (1'23"), White Box (3'48"), Second Thoughts (1'40"), Concrete Steps (3'43"), Eternal Waltz (4'29"), Thinking (1'41"), Part Yesterday (3'02"), Walking in the Meadow (7'45"), Evening Sun (2'44"), Must Have Been a Miracle (2'00"), Wondering (2'44"), What Should I Do (1'46"), Approaching the City (4'27"), Didn’t Really Die (4'27")
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White Box
Well I did it now
Oh I did it now
The box said do not open under pain of death
It had my initials there where
I signed my initials there on it
On that white box
I saw initials there
Do not open under pain of death
But I opened it anyway
I died anyway
I died anyway
So I come back to stay (and say?)
Come back to stay
Lord knows I love you anyway
I love you anyway

Second Thoughts
I been havin’ a bad case of the second thoughts
You know what (how?) the second thoughts is
You think first and then you think about it
Bad case of the second thoughts
Second thoughts
But (’bout? by?) so much of first thoughts

If you’re thinking in your head
If you will hear what I have said
I can’t say it

Part Yesterday
Yesterday I could say it
I know I could
I just know
Cause I’m part yesterday
Makes me all today
But it’s so hard to tell you
I quit describing things
That’s what I did
Now you got to go searching inside of your strings (this drink?)
You better, you better not tell
You won’t be able to
You won’t be able to
And this I know
Cause I’m not able to
Have any second thoughts
Oh, I opened the box
I opened the box anyway

Evening Sun
When I live I will die
When I die I will live
Oh when I live I will live
When I die I will die


Must Have Been A Miracle
It must have been a miracle
Sent you down to me
Reminded me of me
And then I needed, I wanted
You made me come alive
You made me (live?), you made me die

I thank you for your light
You’re so hard to believe
I hardly believe you
That you could be there — so hard to believe
You got me wondering
Cause I can’t believe you hardly
But I can, I can believe you hardly

What Should I Do
Well I, but (?) I try
Work something out
I found out
Something different
So what should I do

Didn’t Really Die
And now I don’t know if what I did
Was wrong or right
I believe you and I don’t
But I believe you
One of those other men he said
It was very good
So I got second thoughts
I wanna die this way
So I can live another day
With you
So I didn’t really die
I just killed myself anyway
You can see
So you see this is my second thoughts
I’m sending away
Best way I can
It’s the best way I can
You know why, do you know why