Index discographique
Michael (2'57"), This is For You (3'10"), Riddles Riddling Me (2'44"), Basic Themes (2'50"), I See Lights (2'34"), Rather Be Blind (1'53"), Away (2'18"), Don’t Get Too Upset (2'35"), A Letter (2'23"), Nevermore (3'01"), Sand I (2'30"), Nepoleon [sic] in Russia (3'05"), Split to the East (2'55"), Number 14 (2'43"), Blood and Bone (3'17")
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Michael, Michael
Where are you now?

I See Lights
I see red lights
I see green lights

Rather Be Blind
You call me out
From this cave
And now I fall out
Into my grave
You lead the way
I’ll walk behind
I’d rather not try
I’d rather be blind

Don’t Get Too Upset
You lost this time
It was a minor theft.
So don’t get upset.
There’s a lot more to come
You know you’re the one
That’s been makin’ all those telephone calls
It’s your turn to fall
It was a minor theft
A small offense
So don’t get excited
Just settle down

Been goin’ too tight
You’re rotten, you know
Got iron buzz around your neck
Oh no your body can’t get out
Oh no nobody can get in
Sealed off in a chamber
Of your choosing
I’m on the outside
Watching you
I’m on the outside
Watching me
What do I see?
To inside from the outside
Come together, not a chance
Pure devotion, from a distance
In between

Split to the East
Come down out of a corner
Split to the east
One foot in the north
Split the east
Only place left to go is south.

Number 14
It’s time to close the door
I don’t want it anymore
Whatever comes, then I’ll take that.
I’m sick of getting fat
I know the things I thought I needed
Things come inside me, naturally
But I don’t have to be the one
That puts them there
Just let ’em come and
Let ’em go and
Close the door cause
I don’t want ’em anymore




Riddles Riddling Me
You keep me in riddles
Riddles all the time
It’s the only way to be
So just keep riddlin’ me
By your honesty
You’re a riddle to me.
I see the beauty of the world
It’s a riddle to me.
And at this time I don’t have to resolve
Just keep being a riddle to me

And then he’s gone
He’s s gone away
Oh far away
And now he’s there
Some other place
Far from your face
In a foreign land
He is no way, away

A Letter
Got to move
Into a cellar
Just to feel
A little bit loose
Got to slip
From the sky
My hands are nervous
I’ll keep a place
Up in the sky
For you to live
Until you die
Until you die
Until you die
On the main floor
A level head
In the basement

Sand I
You’re stuck in the sand
Go home

Nepoleon in Russia
It was a crushing victory
Napoleon and his army
Marched across some other soil
Took the farmers from their toil
Waged a war that could never be won
Dream of masters, fanatics
Great men, of course they were
They had to be
Fall out a window, Napoleon
On your white horse
And with your sword
And your big hat
And half a right hand

Blood and Bone
His skin is stretched tight across his bones
Blood running down his cheeks
Children gazing at his feet
Ladies he’d like to meet
Lonely in that ancient street
Hanging for somebody else
Or everybody else